Open Just 1 Infected Email/Website
& Lose ALL Your Data, Money and Passwords…
…even with Up to Date Antivirus Running!

+ How to Double Your PC SPEED, Secure Your Data & Tighten Your Privacy in Minutes!

See Why CryptoLocker, GOZ & QBOT are so Dangerous
+ How to Protect Against These For FREE
+ How to Deal With Other Huge PC Security/Privacy Issues

Oct 2014 – Proofpoint Security say:
"500,000 PC Users Hacked”

Qbot - 500,000 PC Users Hacked

Aug 2014 – BBC says:
"250,000 PC Users Infected”

BBC - 250,000 PCs Infected by Cryptolocker

Oct 2014 – UK Guardian say:
"1OOO’s of PC Users Defrauded”

The Guardian - 1000's of users defrauded by GOZ ransomware

New generation malware is about blackmail, extortion & fraud.

"Modern malware bypasses your PC security, steels your passwords, encrypts your files & hold you to ransom"

If you don’t pay then your files will be locked forever & if you do pay you have no guarantee of getting your data back.

AVG say:
"Hacked Websites are the Root of the Problem"

58% PCs are Hacked through compromised websites

"A compromised website is the most effective way for hackers to install malware on your PC. Users are tricked into downloading exploits by clicking links to pages hosting such malware"

Google Say:
"Number of Hacked Websites is Growing"

Reported Attack Site

"When a website is compromised, it’s usually modified to include content from an attack site or to redirect users to an attack site"

University of Alabama Computer Forensics say:
"Only 1 in 5 Antivirus Products Stops New Malware"

University of Alabama - Computer Forensics

"There’s less than a one-in-five chance your antivirus software will detect this kind of new malware"

MalwareBytes say:
"Antivirus is not Enough”

Malwarebytes - 5 Billion pieces of malware removed

June 2014 – UK NCA say:

National Crime Agency

"Update Your Windows & Your Antivirus”
…good advice but, modern malware randomly changes to avoid detection

July 2014 – FBI say…


"Don’t Open Unknown Attachments & Use Pop Up Blockers”
…pretty useless advice against modern malware…

Aug 2014 – BBC say:


"A massive siren had been set off, but no one is
telling people what to do…"

Absolutely Right!… No useful advice has been given by anyone.

So: How Do You Stop Some Russian Scumbag
Robing You Blind & Holding You to Ransom?

FBI Most Wanted

How To Protect Against Cryptocker, GOZ & QBot + Other Similar Malware For FREE
(see link at bottom of page for full instructions)

…but, that’s just 1 PC security issue

It Took Just 15 Seconds To Locate My House
from a Picture I Posted On-Line of My Daughter…

PC Masterclass - Remove Geo Tagging from photos

From: Chris Hitman, Hitman Publishing

Chris Hitman

Dear PC User

As our dependancy on technology grows we become increasingly exposed to threats from thieves & opportunists. The criminals are constantly trying to bi-pass modern PC security & the exploits used are increasingly vicious.

Getting your files locked & held to ranson is one thing, losing your assets, having your home broken into & being stalked is huge issue for all of us.

I worked in IT for over 20 years, in that time there have always been viruses, malware, ransomware, browser hijackers, but never to the degree of risk that we are exposed to today. To avoid being victims we have to take action & get defensive right now!.

Whilst governments are urging us to improve our protection, no one is giving us any specific advice on how to deal with these threats. For many of us it will be a case of not understanding the risks & remedies required until it’s too late.

See How to Clear the Geo Data from All Your Photos in Seconds…

There’s a Massive Increase in Fake Updates That
Deploy Software Which Makes PC Operation Impossible

Malware adds slow loading ads to every browser - making your PC Unusable

This flash plugin looks genuine with all the logos & the authentic looking page – but it’s actually a fake that installs adware that bypasses all top security programs but thats just the beginning of the infection

In stage 2 the slow loading adware grinds your browsing to a halt making your PC unusable – the hackers then try to persuade you to install the stuff that will "fix it" – this fix is also fake & it’s likely to be password stealing trojan.

Malware grinds PC's to a Halt

See How to Spot the Fakes From the Real Updates…

Your Browsers Broadcast Your IP/ISP Data To Anyone…
Yet… You Can Browse Anonymously for FREE

PC Masterclass - Browsers broadcast your IP & ISP Data

Your browser gives up your geo data to anything that requests it by default – you can turn this off in every browser but, realistically your IP address will still give away your location like a big red flag.

Governments, employers & advertisers all want to spy on your location & browsing habits. – which is why there’s been a massive increase in annoying toolbars, search manipulators & blocked sites – all these things restrict & manipulate your web browsing experience.

The way around this is to use private filtered web browsing – we’ll show you the most reliable free service to do this.

Browse the Web Securely, Anonymously & Without State Imposed Restrictions

Most of Us Unknowingly Broadcast Our Private Data
in Facebook & Twitter

PC Masterclass - Your private data is open for everyone to see

So… you you may think that Facebook & Twitter got your back covered right? Wrong!

You might want to read your T’s & C’s – you’ve signed away your rights – by default your emails & phone numbers & locations are visible.

You won’t find this in security or privacy settings – it’s hidden & out of the way – possibly as it’s not in the interest of these corporations for you to keep your data private.

If you use Twitter then most likely you are publishing location with each tweet – which means any idiot can find you & track your daily habits which is great info for burglars/pedophiles, stalkers & fraudsters

Tighten Your Social Media Privacy…

Most Users Suffer Needlessly Slow & Unreliable PC’s
…Which Can be Fixed in Minutes!

PC Masterclass - Slow & unreliable PCs can be easily fixed

Probably the most annoying of all problems is the fact that no matter what you do – your PC will slow down over time. Most PCs will become so slow that day to day operation becomes painful.

The cause of this slow down is the software users install. Many programs load ‘extras’ that start up with your windows – some of these unwanted extras are programs that nag you to update, some nag you to buy upgrades & most serve no usefull purpose at all & are mostly for the software maker benefit.

What most PC users don’t know is that ALL versions of windows have have built in tools to deal with these problems that are more effectively than any third party software that claims to solve this issue.

Massively Boost Your PC without paying for ‘PC Speed UP’ Software soft

Ever Paid a Small Fortune For a PC Service
+ Waited Ages to Get Your Hardware Back?

PC Masterclass - Fix Your own PC Problems

You Don’t Have To…

Let Me Share 20 Years of IT Experience With You…
13 Essential PC Tasks That’ll Save You $$ + Headaches
The Stuff I used to to PC Service Field Engineers…

NCA 1. Stop the rogue services that slow down your PC & send data about you

NCA 2. Check the reputation of any suspect link/site before you click it

NCA 3. Clean up your browsers from toolbars, ad injectors & most hijackers

NCA 4. Protect your critical files/folders with FREE encryption

NCA 5. Remove files & stubborn malware that refuses to delete

NCA 6. Protect your FTP logins with FREE encryption

NCA 7. Clean up web junk, browser histories & password storing cookies

NCA 8. Enable protected private web browsing for safer web search

NCA 9. Perform a rapid & complete system backup for FREE

NCA 10. Avoid password theft by using secure password services

NCA 11. Batch Clean GPS Data from your photos for FREE

NCA 12. Protect against Modern Malware using same methods as Corporates

+13. DOUBLE Your PC Speed In Minutes!!

Master These Skills & Charge Others for PC Servicing
+ Get Better Results Than Any Paid PC Service…

PC Security
Improve Malware Protection
– Protect against ‘drive by download’ & other attacks
– Check PC’s for almost any type of malware
– Massively Reduce the risk of downtime
PC Security
Boost in PC Performance & User Experience
– Clean needless start-up Items
– Switch off needless services
– Knock out redundant browser add-ons
PC Security
Charge To Secure Client’s PC’s
– Charge a professional fee for PC security & clean up
– Find & Deal with Hidden infections
– Profit from the first customer

PC Masterclass is a full PC service that’s more thorough than you would get in your typical PC store. I charge £45 ($75) per hour to service PC’s – if you sell the service to just 1 customer then this product will cost you nothing!

PC Masterclass - PC Security & Performance Masterclass

Essential Tutorials, Tools & Resources

  • Disable Needless Startup Items
  • Disable Speed ThrotlingServices
  • Perform External Real Time Malware Scans
  • Spot & Kill Suspect Processes
  • Clear Browser History
  • Clear Remnant Web & Install files
  • Clear Redundant Registry Entries
  • Delete Stubborn Files
  • Shred Personal & Sensitive Files
  • Kill Browser Hijackers
  • Run Protected FTP
  • Stop Automated PC Reboots (Nuisance)
  • Check Link Reputation
  • Enable Protected Web Browsing
  • Backup Your Windows Registry File
  • Clear Password Storing Cookies


PC Masterclass - Malware Defence & PC Speed Up

Video Tutorials + Resources

Malware Defence & PC Speed Up

This is a set of short videos that shows you which software & websites to use to clean up your PC from any resident malware & useless services/software that slow your PC & more…

PC Masterclass - Browser Cleanup & Password Protection

Video Tutorials

Browser Cleanup & Protecting Passwords

This will teach you how to clean up browser add-ons – clear your browsing history & how to use password services to avoid keyloggers …

PC Masterclass - Complete PC Backup

Video Tutorial

Complete PC Backup

This is a simple video that explains which top rated free apps will help you make a complete PC backup

PC Masterclass - File & Folder Security

Video Tutorial

Protecting Files & Folders

This video goes through a neat free app that allows you to secure your files & folders in an encrypted file

PC  Masterclass - PC Security Whitepaper & Checklist

Checklist Doc

Security Whitepaper & Checklist

We realise that you don’t want to be watching videos every time you secure a client’s PC, so for your convenience I have created a whitepaper & checklist which you can follow as a reminder of the steps you need to take.

Louise Lockhart

Louise Lockhart –
“Just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I am with PC Masterclass. It’s very succinct, simple to follow and does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m no novice when it comes to computers (despite being self taught), so I was super pleased to discover several items in the videos that were totally new to me.

I’m extremely cautious and selective about what I purchase so really happy to say that PC Masterclass was well worth buying and awesome value to boot.”

Customer Comment From Our Support Desk:

PC Masterclass - PC Security & Performance Masterclass

Another Customer Comment From Our Support Desk:

PC Masterclass - PC Security & Performance Masterclass

Make Your PC Run Like New + The Tech Secrets That’ll
Save you $100s on PC Servicing & Days of Lost Work!


PC Masterclass - PC Speed & Security

Never Pay For PC Security/PC Speed Up Software or PC Servicing Again!

PC Masterclass

The little known Tricks & Tools that’ll massively improve the way you secure & service your PC.


Get the skills which will allow you to charge
Professional Fees for PC servicing

What You’ll Get:

  • 14 Short VideoTutorials
  • Top Security Tips
  • PC Security Tools
  • Step by Step Guides
  • PDF Security Checklist
  • Bespoke Registry Tweaks
  • Bespoke Speed Tweaks

Product Info

Designed for
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
(XP USERS Must Upgrade now)
Download Immediately

Hosted Video Tutorials

Get 12 Months of Updates
1 Year Tech Support

Full SRP $67

(see offer below)


PC Masterclass is a part of the Web Mastermind Product Series
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Extra Bonus
To The Point
No Eye Ache
No Value Stuffing To The Point No Eye Ache
Only quality products added as bonuses to our products. We don’t bulk out products with poor quality extras..
If what you need to know takes 1 minute – we wont spend an hour talking about it. We believe in keeping things simple.
No Walls of Text, No 1990’s Graphics, No Jumping Arrows, No Flashing Buttons. Just nice clear, easy to follow content.

Support Desk

Innovative Digital Products
Developed by Hitman Publishing

thank you


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PC Masterclass NY Special -  ? HITMAN  ?


No Quibble, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
No Thanks, Just Show Me How to Protect Against Cryptolocker, GOZ & QBot For Free

Chris Hitman

Hey, Thanks for Reading….

I should tell you a little about myself…

I’m a semi-geek with a sales, IT & marketing background. I’ve spent 20+ years underneath dusty desks, answering support calls & installing web servers in noisy data centres On route I’ve worked with some of the best web designers, marketers & businesses in the world. I’d like to share some of that knowledge & experience with you.

The principle behind my offers is always to save customers time & money by finding easier solutions to common problems. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground. I hope you agree that this product is no exception & of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee to fall back on…

Kind Regards

Chris Hitman

Product Developer


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